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Following are a handful of testimonials from business owners and managers who have worked in Brynavon in their management buyout.

Being a Brynavon Partner

David Perkins“While any major change in ownership of a company produces anxiety, Brynavon’s acquisition of Macton turned out to be a very fortuitous move for Macton and its management team. I would encourage any owner/manager contemplating a Brynavon acquisition to embrace the new partnership and enthusiastically look forward to the new opportunities ahead.

In Macton’s situation, Brynavon delivered exactly what they had promised. As advertised, they kept with their decentralized operational management philosophy, allowing Macton’s management team to essentially retain the full operational autonomy that had led to its past successful. In addition, Brynavon was able to bring to us financial management tools and financial resources that a company of Macton’s size could not have afforded on our own. They helped us replace our archaic financial system with a more sophisticated financial management system which provided the tools needed to better understand and manage our growth and financial performance. In addition, Brynavon provided the financial sophistication and resources; be it capital outlays, credit facilities, or third party guarantees to support the growth of our business through expansion and acquisition.

Equity participation of Macton’s executives was always a Brynavon objective. From early after the acquisition right up to the divestiture 17 years later, Brynavon encouraged and found creative ways to help Macton’s senior managers increase their equity stake in Macton. As partners in Macton’s success, we always felt that Brynavon was equally interested in the interests of the minority shareholders as their own. When it came to executing Macton’s exit strategy, Brynavon went out of their way to insure that the employment and equity interests of the executives remaining with Macton were well served and protected.

From a personal standpoint, perhaps the thing I appreciated most over our 17 years together was the collegial relationship that I enjoyed with Brynavon management as well as the executives of the portfolio companies. Whether it was one-on-one in strategy and review meetings with Brynavon management, or at the quarterly and annual sessions with the senior managers of all of the portfolio companies, I always found our interactions to be positive, constructive, and informative. On many occasions, it was the informal gatherings after the scheduled meetings that allowed us to share concerns and problems that were most effective in achieving the team building relationships that became the essence of Brynavon.”

David Perkins
Macton Corporation
Former President
(1989 – 2006)

The Acuisition Process

lowell walter“Brynavon brought a level of experience in purchasing a company that we could have never achieved without their help. Our acquisition went so much smoother with their knowledge and experience than it would have without them. Brynavon knew what was important and what was negotiable in the purchase agreement and helped us protect ourselves and get the best deal possible. I would highly recommend them.”

Lowell Walter
Pacific Sheet Metal
(2008 – present)

Evolving from Manager to an Owner

paul-case“Brynavon has helped me make the transition from a department manager to president and owner. Geordie Lemmon’s coaching style has been a very positive factor in my personal development, as well as that of the company as a whole. I’ve learned to hire the right people, give them the direction and the resources that allow them to perform effectively.“

Paul Case
LeBaron Bonney Company
(2003 – 2012)

Operational Perspective

jay-evans“When I was appointed president of a struggling portfolio company and I was tasked with the mission to turn it around, Brynavon helped in many ways during this process. The first was to provide a coach/mentor type of relationship that helped guide me but not instruct me in what to do to get through the mess we were in. The second area was with investments in both people and equipment. Without the Brynavon belief that if you are not investing back into the company you are dying. Since we have started this process you can very easily track our results in both sales and profits. The third and most important was the philosophy of work should be fun and this was a concept that had escaped me for some time but am happy to say that the fun has returned!”

Jay Evans
Avcom of Virginia
(2004 – present)

Brynavon Minority Shareholder

curt-houle“To any manager who has the opportunity to step into this type of position I would first say congratulations. You must have the right stuff for success or you would not have this opportunity. Ownership of private equity is a great way to build wealth for you and your family. As a minority shareholder even though I knew I had little to no direct control, with Brynavon, it never felt that way. I was always well informed and my opinions were valued. Brynavon’s actions were always fair, ethical and focused on increasing portfolio company shareholder value.

As a manager you can have a great impact on growing and developing a strong profitable company. While Brynavon allows a great deal of autonomy, I would encourage you to drop your ego at the door and be open to new ideas and different perspectives. Brynavon is a great resource, use them. Not only will the company prosper but you as a manager / entrepreneur will grow in capability. Enjoy the ride!”

Curt Houle
The Brynavon Group, Inc.
Former CFO
(1996 – 2005)

Brynavon as a New Owner

barry-bowman“As it is with a change in any corporate setting or structure there’s always going to be some nervousness and anxiety about how things will change….especially on the part of the company president and upper management. There’s a culture that exists and any major changes brought on without the acquiring entity knowing this culture can result in less than desirable results for everyone.

With their acquisition of FSIP, thankfully this wasn’t the case. The Brynavon Group took the time to learn the business, the markets and the people responsible for running the business. Their philosophy regarding real ownership for upper management instills an immediate sense of trust and entices these individuals to perform at a higher level knowing they will share in the continued growth of the company…a “win win” situation for both parties.

For me the Brynavon Group is more of a support mechanism than a controlling mechanism. It would actually be fairer to say they play more of a “Big Brother” role. I never feel like I “work” for Brynavon…it is more of a “work with” feeling. They allow me to run the business with little to no interference and when there are times of disagreement there always seems to be an amicable outcome that both parties can work with. Most importantly, it isn’t always about the numbers. They understand how business cycles, market swings, downturns etc. can impact current performance but are intelligent enough to know that it isn’t just about “today”…they help you accomplish, plan and prepare for “tomorrow” by providing an outside, non-invasive perspective.

Brynavon provided me the opportunity to be the president of FSIP at relatively young age and over these last 15 years; the amount of respect and gratitude I have developed for the Brynavon Group is immeasurable. The Brynavon Group is a class act.”

Barry Bowman
Flight Systems Industrial Products
(1996 – present)