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Recent Transactions

At the core of The Brynavon Group’s investment philosophy is the belief that management teams which create value should share in that value. Brynavon focuses exclusively on ownership transition dynamics that involve the management team and the current owners.

Brynavon is a group of private capital investors providing a resource for management teams who want to acquire the companies for which they work. Since Brynavon is a private Investment Company it is not driven by the same parameters that dictate the investment philosophies of private equity firms

Assem-Pak Aluseal

June 14, 2019. Brynavon sponsored a leveraged recapitalization of Assem-Pak, Aluseal and certain real estate assets which were owned by the founder. The new enterprise manufactures aluminum and rubber components for the pharmaceutical packaging, laboratory and diagnostic industry in addition to providing a wide variety of customized service to these markets. Post transaction the management team owns 47% of the business.

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RFV Plumbing & Electrical, Inc.

June 30, 2019. RFV Plumbing & Electrical merged with Pacific Sheet Metal, Inc. which were both Brynavon portfolio companies. RFV adds additional service offerings to Pacific Sheet Metal and the combined entity will streamline the management process and ownership. Post transaction the management team owns 43% of the business.

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LeBaron-Bonney Company

December 29, 2017, After almost 20 years of ownership, Brynavon investors sold their outstanding shares to the President of the Company. LeBaron was poised for its next stage in development and the President was the natural owner to lead the Company in its next iteration as a business.

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DBB Acquisition LLC DBA Dura-Bond Bearing

June 1, 2015, A newly formed affiliate of Brynavon, DBB Acquisition LLC merged with Dura-Bond Bearing Company, a privately held division of Melling Engine Parts to form DBB Acquisition LLC DBA Dura-Bond Bearing. Dura-Bond is a manufacturer of Cam Bearings, Bushings, Valve Seats and Hardware for engine rebuilding since 1947. They are based in Carson City, Nevada. At the time of the merger two managers participated in the transaction and they own 21.2% of the new business.

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Autocraft Interiors Co., Inc.

October 13, 2010, A Brynavon portfolio company, LeBaron-Bonney Company, Inc. (“LeBaron”), acquired certain assets and assumed certain liabilities of Autocraft Interiors Co., Inc. (“Autocraft”). Autocraft is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of automobile seat covers, panels, carpets, seat frames, head liners and various other interior parts for the restoration and customization purposes. LeBaron moved the acquired operations into its facility in Amesbury, MA. This was a complementary acquisition for LeBaron Bonney which expanded LeBaron's product offering as well as broadened its manufacturing/sourcing capabilities.

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GE Industrial of PR LLC

March 1, 2010, A Brynavon portfolio company, Flight Systems Industrial Products Company (“FSIP”), acquired certain assets and certain equity interests from a division of General Electric. Together these acquisitions comprised a majority of GE’s Motion Systems division which manufactured, distributed and serviced electric vehicle controls primarily for the global electric forklift market. The GE division was located in Patillas, Puerto Rico and FSIP moved the acquired operations into its facility in Carlisle, PA.

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Pacific Sheet Metal, Inc.

August 13, 2009, A newly formed affiliate of Brynavon, PSM Acquisition Corporation, acquired 60% of Pacific Sheet Metal, Inc. (PSM). Located in Carbondale, CO with an additional location in Aspen, Co. PSM manufactures metal roofs, gutters and HVAC ductwork as well as installs gutters, back-up generators, HVAC systems and roofing systems. Consistent with our philosophy of management significantly participating in ownership, PSM's management team owns 40% of the new entity.

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A.B.C. Auto Cover Co.

August 22, 2006, LeBaron Bonney Company, Inc., a subsidiary of Brynavon, acquired substantially all of the assets of A.B.C. Auto Cover Co. (A.B.C.). A.B.C. manufactured and distributed interior fabric and component kits associated with the restoration market for antique Ford automobiles manufactured and/or sold between the years 1928 and 1962. This was a complementary acquisition for LeBaron Bonney which expanded LeBaron's product offering as well as broadened its manufacturing/sourcing capabilities.

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Ramsey Electronics, Inc.

April 28, 2006, After six years of ownership, Brynavon sold the assets of Ramsey Electronics to its management team. This transaction also reflects Brynavon’s philosophy that the best owner of a small company is its management team. Ramsey Electronics manufactures and distributes electronic products and kits such as AM & FM Transmitters, Hobby Kits, Video Cameras, Time & Weather Products, Amateur Radio Gear, Mini-Kits.

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The Macton Corporation

March 17, 2006, The Brynavon Group sold its majority interest in The Macton Corporation to Peter McGonagle of McGonagle Holdings. The transaction included a continuing commitment with the existing management team, and preserved some of their minority interest in Macton. Brynavon originally purchased Macton on April 17, 1989. Brynavon’s original equity commitment was $500,000 which eventually was sold for a valuation of $5,000,000. The invested yielded a multiple of ten times the original investment and an IRR of slightly less than 20%.

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